Sunday, December 11, 2005

Penfolds 389 Cabernet Shiraz, Australia 2001

$55 from NTUC Wine Fair at Thomson Plaza

Dark ruby red, very deep colour. Nose is very remarkable. Strong intense fruit, fruit cake, plummy, chocolatety nose. Full-bodied with nice fruit paired with great vanilla oak flavours. Strong backbone of acid but has harsh, drying tannins. The fruit isn't as concentrated as the 2002 vintage but still vastly enjoyable. The finish is long and persistant. This wine definitely needs more bottle time for the tannin to integrate with the other components of the wine, but still enjoyable now and will be great with a thick, sizzling steak! 91/100

A fruit bouquet displaying a great infusion of sweet chocolatey plums(if that's even possible haha).
Palate is intense with a whole myriad of flavours to taste. Currants, chocolate, oak with a nice earthy backing. I really like the concentration of oak flavours in this lovely bottle. Tannins are a bit harsh and I reckon 3 more years would do this bottle wonders. Excellent, powerful wine. 92/100

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Jing said...

Bro! Lets see if you could get a couple of bottles from Melb so that we can do a vertical tasting...haha...